Welcome to St Mark's Catholic School

The Mission Statement of our School Charter identifies the pathway upon which a successful future for your children will be built.

We are keen to continue to foster close co-operation and communication systems within the school and the school community for the benefit of your children, staff, Board of Trustees and the whole school community.

We value the multicultural nature of this school and provide high quality educational programmes and learning experiences for all children.

Catherine Rivers

The best possible education

St Mark's Catholic School is dedicated to providing the best possible education in a Catholic environment. We extend a warm welcome to all visitors to our web site.

 Mission Statement

"The school will provide the best possible education in a Catholic environment to those who choose such an education for their families".

"Mo nga whanau e hiahia ana ki tenei tumomo mataunga mo a ratou whanau, ka whakaratoa e te kura nga tino matau teitie I waenganui Inga katorika".