Principal’s Message


On behalf of the St Mark’s Catholic School’s Board of Trustees, Staff,  Parent Teachers and Friends Association, Students and School Community, I welcome you to our great school.

The Mission Statement of our School Charter identifies the pathway upon which a successful future for your children will be built.

We hope your association with Saint Mark’s Catholic School will be a happy one.  We are keen to continue to foster a close co-operation and communication systems within this school and the school community for the benefit of your children/staff/Board of Trustees and the whole school community.

We value the multicultural nature of this school and do provide high quality educational programmes and learning experiences for all students.  English for speakers of other languages, (ESOL) programmes will be provided for students from non-English speaking back grounds, including international foreign fee paying students.

Our school uses the acronym ABC for the concepts of Attitude, Behaviour, Commitment and Consistency which are the umbrella under which the school’s mission, Charism and core values are continually articulated and nurtured.  This is visualised in the three circles that wrap around the school’s crest.

A is for attitude and the children are encouraged to have a positive attitude, set goals and have a go at all new experiences in and out of the classroom.

B stands for Behaviour and doing our best in all situations.  Children know and understand there is an expectation that they will focus on their work, have self control, live St Mark’s values and make good choices in all areas of their life.

C is for Care and Compassion.  Children respect others, help care for them and are encouraged to feel what it would be like if they are in a different situation or circumstance.  Staff and students are able to articulate what it is to have Respect for Self, Respect of Others and Respect for the Environment.

Our school motto is ‘Seek and You Will Find’ (Rapua Kia Kitea) and we encourage everyone to strive to do their best and we take joy in promoting and celebrating their success.  This is encouraged through the Special Catholic Character of this school.  It is expected that all Parents/Caregivers/Staff/School Community support the Religious Education curriculum learning programmes and the Special Catholic Character of Saint Mark’s Catholic School.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if I can be of further assistance.

Catherine M Rivers