International Students Enrolment Information

St Mark’s Primary School offers opportunities for short-term (from one week) and for longer periods of study.


All International Students enrolling in Years 1 to 6 of a Primary School for longer than three calendar months must live and continue to live with a parent, except in the case of Group Students, as per the Code of Practice for the Pastoral Care of International Students (2003).


Application Requirements

  • Student Enrolment Form
  • Copy of Passport Title Page
  • Copy of Visitors Visa or Student Visa/Permit
  • Passport size photograph of student
  • Verification of Travel and Medical Insurance or completed Insurance Application


Enrolment Application Procedure

  • Upon arrival in New Zealand, the International Student’s parents completes the Student Enrolment form.
  • Once the application has been approved and payment of fees is made, a receipt is issued with a letter to the Immigration Department for the processing of a Student Visa


Conditions of Acceptance

  • St Mark’s Primary School accepts International Student from Year 0 to 6.
  • All International Students must be living with a parent at the time of enrolment and continue to live with a parent for the duration of their enrolment period
  • International Students will only be accepted if there is sufficient space available for International Students, at the relevant year level, in the school.
  • All International Students attending St Mark’s Primary School must have Travel and Medical Insurance cover for the duration of their enrolment period.