Board of Trustees

This school has a very active and supportive governing board. Meetings are usually held on:

3rd Tuesday of the month
Venue – Staffroom

Board of Trustee members can be contacted for any information (Telephone/email lists available from school office). Board of Trustees also provide from time to time reports/information to the school community.

ChairpersonMarie-Louise McElwee
Vice ChairpersonPetar Misic
Bishops RepresentativesNazley Ernstzen
Remy Wilson
Parish PriestFr Oliver Aro
Fr Austin Fernandes
Staff RepresentativeLorraine Ross
PrincipalCatherine Rivers
Parent RepresentativesAynsley Cisaria
Jose Gutierrez
Meike Engelmann

At all times our Board of Trustees, teachers, parents & community will encourage pupils to strive to achieve their full potential.

Below is a copy of our financial audit for viewing.

audited financial statements 2017