A Message From The Principal

Kia ora, Malo e Lelei, Talofa Lava, Kia Orana, Ni sabula, Mauri, Suosday, Sat Sri Akaal, Tajba Filghodu, Xin Chao, Ni Hao, Guten Tag, Mabuhay, Sawadee, Kumusta, Fakaalofa lahi atu, Maith, Sawubona, warm greetings to you all.

What a big term we have had with our Catholic Special Character Review.  The feedback from this was outstanding and it will be on our website shortly.

We have been very busy over term 3 with all facets of education, academia, sports, culture and arts.    We have competed in lunch time soccer and netball and remained undefeated in lunchtime netball.  We thank Liam McElwee for coaching the soccer team and Mrs Kippen for coaching the netball team.

There was a delightful feeling of Spring in the air on Friday when we held our Junior Cross Country.  It was great to see enthusiastic and determined students cross the finish line with a real sense of achievement.  Well done to all those who completed the course and those who were placed.  We thank Mrs Ross and the Junior Team for their wonderful job of organising and Mr Pattison for setting out the course.  The following are our Champs:  Year 1 and Year 2 winners only and Year 3 (as students get ready for senior school) we record 1st, 2nd and 3rd.  

1 BoyErrol TownsendFirst
1 GirlAriana NeemsFirst
2 BoyVinnie CurtisFirst
2 GirlNaomi LauFirst
3 BoyEduardo Roman-BazaFirst
3 GirlMakayla TownsendFirst
3 BoyPrinceton CabasagSecond
3 GirlEva GemmellSecond
3 BoySherene RollThird
3 GirlFletcher StrevensThird

To our Basketball Coaches Mr Siao (Stars), Mr Curtis (Saints) and Ms Blake and Mr Strevens (Year 3/4 Angels) a big thank you.  And thank you to the Managers of each team.  Mrs Masaryk, Mrs Curtis and Ms Blake.  The teams are all competing in a final round this week and we wish them good luck.

We also thank Mrs Furivai and Mrs Cranwell for training our Choir who looked very smart and sounded wonderful at the recent Choir Festival.  We thank Hemi and Mrs Manickum for the work over Term 3 with the Kapa Haka group who performed so energetically at the Kohanga Festival.

The Dance Festival was superb at Elim and both Senior and Junior groups representing our school by entertaining us with a very polished performance.  We thank their teachers Mr Sasis and Miss Davis.

Chess – last Wednesday our team was Kayne Gemmell, Conor Pawadyira, Daniel Tvrdeich-Kasum, Eliza White and Adam Muggleston.  Kayne came 2nd as an individual while our team came 5th overall.  Thanks to Mr Blake for training the Chess team and to Mrs Pawadyira and Mrs White for transporting them to and from St Peters.

Thanks to Mrs McKenzie and Mrs Kippen for organising the Senior School Cross Country and to Mrs McKenzie for organising Cross Country on behalf of the HPPA.

Holiday Building: We thank the Board of Trustees and the PTFA for all the work and your efforts over the years to raise funds and plan for our Shade Canopy.  Finally this is going to be erected on the asphalt area at the back of rooms 2 and 3 during the holidays.

Constulation Meeting: We thank parents for attending consultations meetings during the term and giving feedback and feed forward, contributing to the direction of the school.  Our Filipino meeting was last and was well attended.

Kahui Ako We are part of the South Eastern Christian Col which is made up of Elim Secondary School, Elim Junior College, Kingsgate Primary, Our Lady Star of the Sea, Sancta Maria College and Sancta Maria Primary.  Our achievement challenges were accepted by the Ministry of Education, so we will continue to work together and share best practice.

Mission Day26th September
Last Day of Term28th September
First Day of Term 415th October
Labour Day – no school22nd October
Touch Rugby competition23rd October Saving Day 25th October
Senior School Athletics Day25th October
BOT meeting30th October



Te Atua

We thank you for the business of term 3 and for the staff, students and their whanau.  Lord we thank you for walking with us through the seasons of our lives.  For the hope of Spring, as we are filled with new promise and see new life in the form of flowers, leaves and baby lambs.  For Summer times filled with warmth and colour and the sounds of the sea and for Autumn days as leaves fall to seed new growth.  For Winter, when we know that despite the gloom, we are held safe in your arms through the cold, grey days.  We know you are always with us no matter what.  Amene


“Concentrate on counting your blessings.  You’ll have little time to count anything else.”  Unknown.

‘Having somewhere to go is a HOME

Having someone to love is a FAMILY

Having both is a BLESSING’


Congratulations to our teacher Mrs Beverley Dias who is marrying her fiance Hamish during the holidays.  May God bless them and we all wish them a happy and healthy married life.

Congratulations to the following children who achieved in ICAS exams.


Year 4   Merit:  Lucas Masaryk

                Credit: Hayden Kwan, Sophie Lo, Ryan Massey, Julianna Valdez

                Distinction:  Mario Furivai, Jethro Matanguihan, Julian Wang

Year 5   Distinction:  Gabriel Heruela,   Ean Siao

Year 6   Merit:  Mikaela Bangalan, Ronan Prakash, Chloe Dangatan, Julia Vasallo

                Credit:  Kayne Gemmell, Sophia Tan, Eliza White

                Distinction:  Donnell Balili, Paul Bazar, Jessa Calacsan, Liliana Cisaria, Adam Muggleston


Year 4    Credit: Frederick Furivai, Lucas Masaryk

                 Distinction: Julian Wang

Year 5    Credit: Angel Pallewatte, Ean Siao, Lucas Siu

                 Distinction:  Gabriel Heruela,   

Year 6   Merit:  Isha O’campo

                Credit:  Paul Bazar, Ronan Prakash, Donnell Balili, Jessa Calacsan, Katreena Chetty,

Hannah Ernstzen, Adam Masaryk, Julia Vasallo

                Distinction: Kayne Gemmell, Adam Muggleston, Sophia Tan, Eliza White, Liliana Cisaria,

Chloe Dangatan, Alicia Roman-Baza


Year 4  Merit:  Mario Furivai, Lucas Masaryk

               Credit: Frederick Furivai, Julianna Valdez

               Distinction: Julian Wang, Ryan Massey, Cherise Didier’Serre

Year 5   Merit:  Ean Siao, Lucas Siu

               Credit:  Gabriel Heruela,   

Year 6   Merit:  Jessa Calacsan

              Credit:  Paul Bazar, Alicia Roman-Baza, Sophia Tan

              Distinction: Adam Muggleston, Chloe Dangatan

Good News/PB4L (Positive Behaviour for Learning)

We follow Jesus through showing a positive Attitude, Behaviour and Care and our 3 R’s.

This weeks focus is to: Keep classroom tidy & care for classroom property

Last weeks focus was:  Using kind words and actions

We would like to congratulate the following children who have been recognised at assembly:

Respect for Others:  Year 6 students who helped at the Junior Cross Country, Adam Masaryk, Jessa Calacsan, Sam Pienaar, Emerson Strevens, Lucas Masaryk, Luca O’Callaghan, Rico D’Sylva, Joshua Ernstzen, Bryan Bautista, Mikaela Bangalan, Finlay McGinty, Isha O’campo, Scarlette Wardle, Lucas Siu, Gaby Fernandez, Valerie Perez, Gabriel Heruela

Respect for Self:  Justine Ubaldo

Respect for the Environment: Aaron Evangelista, Tristan Apalisok, Malosi Taoa, Darius Fepale-Manu, Jakob Yang, Ethan Tigley

Ka pai rawa!

Catherine Rivers – on behalf of all staff at St Mark’s Catholic School



This Friday will be our last day our Uniform Shop will be open for selling new school uniforms.  New uniforms will now be available from ‘NZ Uniforms’ in Botany South.  Please see details below.  We will still be selling second hand uniforms from our shop in week 1, week 5 and week 9 of Term 4.  All second hand uniform donations gratefully accepted.  Our uniform shop will be open this Friday from 8:30 until 9:30 for our last sales of new uniforms.    Also please note that after Labour Day (22nd October) all children should be in Summer uniform.


Sacramental Programme 2018/2019 – Enrolments form is available in the foyer, for parents who wish to enrol their child for the 2018-2019 Sacraments.  This will being on 28th October.

Ordination of the Sacred Order of Deacons – Martin Wu who went to St Mark’s School is being ordained to the Sacred Order of Deacons on Saturday 29th September 2018 at 10:30am.  Sacred Heart Church, Vermont St, Ponsonby, Auckland.  All are welcomed to this special occasion.

St Vincent de Paul Society – Thank you for your donations.  We are in urgent need of cots, beds, blankets and household goods.  Please ring Anthony 270 4088 to collect.

St Mark’s Life Teen Youth Group Registrations now open – Closing date Friday 28th September 2018. We are inviting all youth from our parish to join us for a week of adventure, and a deep experience of our Catholic Faith.  For ages 13-17 year olds only.  Those 18 years & above are encouraged to sign up at Summer Missionaries.  Date 15-19 January 2019.  Venue Forest Lakes, Otaki (Wellington) For registration form: Email stmarksltc@gmail.com or ring Jean:  021 383 080.

Life Teen Camp Fundraiser – Last weekend to get your tickets for this ONE DAY ONLY screening of Paul – Apostle of Christ – an inspirational movie on the early Christians.  Date:  Sunday 30th September 2018.  Time:  7pm (Doors to cinemas open at 6:40pm.  Free seating).  Venue:  Monterey Cinema Howick. Cost $20 (ticket + choice of soft drink, pop corn or ice cream).  Movie rating:  M for (Mature audience, 6 years old and above).  Please ring/text Ana Maria 021 043 5506/Jean 021 383 080 to purchase your tickets.  The St Mark’s Life Teen Youth Group thank you for your generous support.

Preference Card Signing:  Will be on Fridays between 9:45 and 11am.  Outside of these times, please make an appointment with the Parish Priest.  Please bring along a copy of the child’s baptism certificate.


Chanel Wharepapa (ex student Bronson Wharepapa’s mum)  is from Buguey Cagayan Valley in the Philippines which is the town that has been devastated by an Ompong (Typhoon).  Chanel is making dumplings, cassava cake and rice cakes and selling them to raise funds to help her township.  Please place orders direct with Chanel by mobile phone:  021 279 7888.  The cost is $10 per takeaway carton.  You can have a mix of the three options or all of the same thing.


Educational piece from the Principal.

Mathematics at home – YEAR 2

  Talk together and have fun with numbers and patterns

Help your child to:

  • find and connect numbers around your home and neighbourhood; eg find 7, 17 and 27 on letterboxes
  • count forwards and backwards starting with different numbers (eg 58, 59, 60, 61, 62, then back again)
  • make patterns when counting forwards and backwards (eg “5, 10, 15, 20 then 20, 15, 10, 5 and 30, 40, 50, 60 or 12, 14, 16, 18, …”)
  • do addition and subtraction problems by counting forwards or backwards in their heads (eg 8 + 4, 16 – 3)
  • count the number of poi in a kapa haka performance learn their ‘ten and…’ facts (eg 10 + 4, 10 + 7) double and halve numbers to 20 (eg 7 + 7 is 14, half of 14 is 7).

Here’s a tip – being positive about mathematics is really important for your child’s learning – even if you didn’t enjoy it or do well at it yourself at school.

Use easy, everyday activities

Involve your child in:

  • sorting (washing, odd socks, toys, cans) while tidying up
  • telling you what their favourite things are – food, sport, colour reading – notice and talk about numbers.
  • ask questions about the pictures like “how many birds are there?”
  • a shape and number search together wherever you are, like numbers of shoes, shapes of doors and windows.

Here’s a tip – mathematics is an important part of everyday life and there are lots of ways you can make it fun for your child.

For wet afternoons/school holidays/weekends

Get together with your child and:

  • use mathematics words during play (treasure hunts, obstacle courses, building huts) – “under’, “over”, ‘between”, ‘around”, “behind”, “up”, “down’, “heavy”, “light’, ’round”, “your turn next”,”before”, “after”, “left” and “right”, “square”, “triangle” – you can use your first language
  • play with big cardboard boxes using words like “inside”, “outside”
  • play games and do puzzles; eg jigsaws, “I spy something that is longer, bigger, smaller than…”
  • do water play using different shaped containers and measuring cups
  • bake – talk to your child about the recipe/ingredients and how many pieces you need to feed everyone
  • dance to music and sing/clap to favourite songs make and play stick games with tī rākau or newspaper rolls play with a pack of cards – make up addition and subtraction problems using numbers to 20 look at a calendar – “how many days/weeks until an event?”, “how many days in the month?”, “how many weekends?”.
  • Encourage your child to look for patterns.

Here’s a tip – the way your child is learning to solve mathematics problems may be different from when you were at school. Get them to show you how they do it and support them in their learning.


The school mobile number is 027 9630 100 – please use this to TEXT in your child’s absence detailing reason for absence and your child’s name and room number.  Please do not phone this number.  It is for texting only.  If you want to phone your child’s absence please do so on the land line Ph: 576 5296.  Many thanks for your help.


Keeping your Children Safe Online – A Message from Netsafe

The online world makes it easier to connect with more people than ever before, but with this comes new challenges.  This month we’ve created new advice for young people to help them protect themselves from some of the issues they may face online – including doxxing, catfishing and knowing the difference between banter and bullying.

New Netsafe research released last month shows that both parents are peers play an important role in helping young people when something goes wrong online.  To help parents know what issues their child may face online this month we released a new interactive tool for parents of teens.  The tool provides personalised advice based on simple questions about your teen’s age, interests and gender.  NETSAFE has many resources for teachers and parents.   Please find great tips on:  www.netsafe.org.nz


We are looking for support

We will shortly be renewing the advertising section of our emailed newsletters. The newsletters are used throughout the year to keep our families and school community informed regarding school activities.

Should you, or anyone you know, like to place an advertisement on the school’s newsletter please contact Craig Neeve of Newsletters Unlimited, ph (09) 817 3867, or email newsletters@xtra.co.nz.

This is a great way to keep your business in front of the local community and also help our school.


Please be advised that if you do unsubscribe from our newsletters, you will not receive any notifications if ever there was an emergency, ie. lockdown at the school.  If you do unsubscribe accidently please resubscribe.


Term 3 – 10 weeks
Monday 23 July – Friday 28 September

Term 4 – 9 weeks
Monday 15 October – Friday December 14
Public Holiday: Labour Day – Monday 22 October


Keyboard Music Lessons – with Ruth Leafberg will start in Week 2 on Wednesday.  Enrolment forms are available from the school office – classes after school on Monday and Wednesday in the music room $8.00 per child group lesson.
Guitar lessons: Guitar lessons are available at St Marks.  The lessons are half an hour group lesson of up to 5 students that take place on Tuesday afternoons.  There are currently spaces available in a beginners group right after school.  Please contact Jordan on 021 132 7024 or jordan.morrison@musiqhub.co.nz if you are interested or would like more information about the lessons.




 WHITFORD GOLF CLUB – 2018 Term 3 School Holiday – Junior Golf Programme

Week 1 Sessions

Tuesday 2nd October and Wednesday 3rd October or

Week 2 Sessions

Tuesday 9th October and Wednesday 10th October

Time: 9.00 am to 2.30 pm each day

Ages: 7 – 12

GREAT VALUE:  $99 per Junior (per week) or $60 per day

All levels welcome

Clubs and balls provided

Bring morning tea and lunch

 The programme will cover fundamental movement skills and core values in life in conjunction with golf. This is a great opportunity to introduce golf to juniors and have a great experience with Stuart Thompson and his team, Ray and Sonia.

Please contact Sonia Bak at Sonia@raysgolfshop.co.nz or 02102509841 to register or if you require more information



This Kindy is situated in the heart of the Eastern Region of the Diocese of Auckland.

It opened in 1999, on St. Luke’s Day and it was blessed by our Bishop Patrick Dunn D.D. in the year 2000.

The Marian Early Childhood Centre is an Apostolate of the Catholic Diocese of Auckland and it is  located in Panmure beside St. Patrick’s Church.  We cater to children from 2 to 5 years of age.  The Centre operates Monday to Friday from 8:30 am to 4:00 pm.

The Kindy was created for and has been faithfully serving, the young children in the Catholic parishes of the Catholic Diocese of Auckland in the East..  We are a Catholic Early Childhood Centre and we follow the Catholic Early Childhood Religious Education Curriculum Statement.  Our programme is guided by the Catholic Liturgical Calendar and focuses on Catholic values and virtues.  Please phone: 5705690 or visit Cyril at 19A Sunset View Road, Panmure.