A Message From The Principal

Kia ora, Malo e Lelei, Talofa Lava, Kia Orana, Ni sabula, Mauri, Suosday, Sat Sri Akaal, Tajba Filghodu, Xin Chao, Ni Hao, Guten Tag, Sawadee, Kumusta, Fakaalofa lahi atu, Maith, Sawubona, warm greetings to you all.



We welcome our new students Chloe Tirol who started this week at St Mark’s.


 Dance Festival at Elim College 6th and 7th August  6:30-8:15pm more details to follow
 Catholic Special Character Review8th and 9th August
 AMC Maths9th August
 ICAS Maths10th August
 Interschool Cross Country14th August (Saving Day 16th August)
 Marae Visits16th August (RM 3 & 5), 17th (Rm 9, 1, 11 & half of 4), 23rd (Rm 6, 7, 10 & half of 4)
Sausage Sizzle24th August
Farm Cove Music Festival28th and 29th of August 7:30-8:45pm
Koanga Festival1st and 2nd September
Photolife School Photos5th September
Catholic Schools Cross Country11 September (Saving Day 13th September)
PTFA Disco14th September
Catholic Schools Chess Competition19th September



The 15th of August is the Feast of the Assumption of Mary into Heaven (often shortened to the Assumption).  Our Church teachers as dogma that the Virgin Mary “having completed the course of her earthly life, was assumed body and and soul into heavenly glory.  The Assumption is important to many Catholic and Orthodox Christians as the Virgin Mary’s heavenly birthday (the day that Mary was received into Heaven).  Belief about her acceptance into the glory of Heaven is seen by some Christians as the symbol of the promise made by Jesus to all enduring Christians that they too will be received into paradise.


Dear Mary, Our Queen, Our Mother, we ask you to help obtain for us, the gifts of the Holy Spirit.  We ask you to be with us as we pray and help us by your intercession that our Lord grant us the favour for which we pray.  Amene.


Chief among the saints is Mary the Mother of God, who as the First Disciple, is a model for all Christians.  The special beliefs about Mary and the feast days the Church has designated in her honour, are all related to events in her life which point to her relationship with Jesus her son. Under one of her titles, Mary, Assumed into Heaven, is the patron of New Zealand.

At St Mark’s we will celebrate this special Feast Day with the Parish Mass at 9am.  There will also be 7pm Mass in the evening.


Over the next two days, the Manager of the Catholic Schools Office, (CSO) Mr Philip Mahoney, and the ex manager Mr Neil Laurensen will review our school.  They will be accompanied by the Principal of the Good Shepherd, Balmoral, Mrs Jane Hahn.  We ask you to pray for Mrs Colleen Gleeson at CSO who is the Review and Development Officer who is recovering from surgery.  The BOT, staff and students expect to get a very good review as we are confident that we all live the Mission Statements “We will promote the best education in a Catholic environment”.



  • On the 15th of August Parents/Whanau are to make alternative arrangements or keep keep their children at home.  A big reminder that we have our teachers on Strike this day unless the Governments re-negotiate before then.  Our BOT has made the decision to close our school as many of the staff are Union members.  The main reasons the teachers are striking are due to the workload and high demands of teaching staff catering for a wide range of student needs.  Teachers are also campaigning for:
  • More teachers – so your children can get more attention
  • More resources/staff to support children with additional learning needs
  • A pay jolt to salaries for teachers to address the teacher shortage – so that your children will have a teacher in the future.
  • You can support your teachers by collecting a postcard from the office counter and sending it to the government or return via the school office.


Congratulations to all the Basketball teams.  We had 2 wins at Year 5/6 level and our Angels drew with Mellons Bay 8 all.  Well done players, coaches and managers.

We also congratulate our wonderful dance troupes.  Year 4-6 with their dance’We are Lucky’ which was spectacular and got everyone tapping their feet and clapping their hands.  Our other group was Room 5 dance troupe who did their fun moves to the Pukeko Stomp and wowed the audience.

Well done to Mr Davis Sasis and Miss Christina Davis who choreographed these two outstanding items.

Good News/PB4L (Positive Behaviour for Learning)

We follow Jesus through showing a positive Attitude, Behaviour and Care and our 3 R’s.

This weeks focus is to: Focus at learning tasks and manage yourself

Last weeks focus was:  Show good manners

We would like to congratulate the following children who have been recognised at assembly:

Respect for Others:  Jessa Calacsan, Valerie Perez, Annikah Schuster, Aaron Chan, Ishara Samarasinha, Afa Taoa, Gaby Fernandes, Emerson Strevens, Tyrell Schuster, Jacob Tigley, Hayden Kwan, Khobe Schuster

Respect for Self:  Ava Margison-Butler, Melissa Jackson-Potter, Justine Ubaldo

Respect for the Environment:  Rico D’Sylva, Sophia Neems, Martina Taboada, Sophie Lo

Catherine Rivers – on behalf of all staff at St Mark’s Catholic School


Our thoughts are with the Schuster family who have a grandad having surgery today.


We are looking for a parent/grandparent one day a week to help our chess team at lunchtime.  We need someone to train the children at playing chess to prepare them for the Catholic Schools Chess Competition being held on the 19th of September at St Paul’s in Massey.  We normally finish in the top 3 so it would be sad not to have a team enter.  You do not need to attend the competition if you are not able.  Please let the school office know if you are able to help.


Thank you and a fond farewell to Mr Santos who has been our Caretaker for seven years.  Mr Santos has got a new job which sounds very like it has great prospects.  We wish Mr Santos the very best and hope he will be happy in his new job.


St Vincent De Paul Society: For the month of July we have provided  56 adults and 66 children with food parcels.  We are currently in need of rice, pasta & cereals.  Thank you for your generosity.

Mothers’ Prayer Group: A group of mothers are meeting to pray specifically for children, grandchildren & the gift of Motherhood.  If you would like to come & join us, we meet at St Mark’s Parish on Tuesday 14th August 1:30pm until 2:30pm.  Please come and pray for all children.

The Marian Centre – Catholic Kindergarten: This kindy is situated  in the heart of the Eastern Region of the Diocese of Auckland.  It was opened and blessed by our Bishop Patrick Dunn DD in 1999.  The Marian Early Childhood Centre is a Apostolate of the Catholic Diocese of Auckland and it is located in Panmure beside St Patrick’s Church.  We cater to children from 2 to 5 years of age.  The centre operates Monday to Friday from 8:30 to 4pm.  The kindy was created for and has been faithfully serving the young children in the Catholic Parishes of the Eastern Deanery.  We are a Catholic  Early Childhood Centre and we follow the Catholic Early Childhood Religious Education Curriculum Statement.  Our programme is guided by the Catholic Liturgical Calendar and focuses on Catholic values and virtues.  Please phone 570 5690 or visit Cyril at 19A Sunset View Road, Panmure.

Musica Fundraising Concert for St Vincent de Paul: Music down the ages performed by Our Lady Star of the Sea Parish Musicians on Saturday 18th August, 7:30-10:30pm at All Saints Hall, 30 Cook Street, Howick.  Tickets $20 per person; kids under 12 are free.  Music form the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s and today.  FOr tickets please contact Craig 0211 882274 or Sidney 0211 062 142 or the Parish Office on 534 8710.  More information on the notice board.

Special Catholic Concert at Bruce Mason Centre: Next Saturday 18th August at 7pm a concert called “Breakthrough” is being presented at the Bruce Mason Centre, The Promenade, Takapuna, sponsored by the Auckland Catholic Charismatic Renewal in association with the Good Shepherd Prayer Group.  Along with special guest, Fr Chris Skinner and other groups, it features the well-known Fusion Youth Band.  Tickets are available at www.ticketmaster.co.nz

Preference Card Signing:  Will be on Fridays between 9:45 and 11am.  Outside of these times, please make an appointment with the Parish Priest.  Please bring along a copy of the child’s baptism certificate.

Educational piece from the Principal.

Mathematics at home – YEAR 1

Talk together and have fun with numbers and patterns

Help your child to:

  • find numbers around your home and neighbourhood – clocks, letterboxes, speed signs
  • count forwards and backwards (clocks, fingers and toes, letterboxes, action rhymes, signs)
  • make patterns when counting “clap 1, stamp 2, clap 3, stamp 4, clap 5…”
  • do sums using objects such as stones or marbles eg 2 + 3, 4 +1, 5 + 4
  • make up number stories – “you have 2 brothers and 2 sisters. There are 4 of them”

Here’s a tip – maths is an important part of everyday life and there are lots of ways you can make it fun for your child.

Use easy, everyday activities

Involve your child in:

  • preparing and sharing out food – “two for me and two for you”. Ask, “How many for each of us?”
  • talking about time – “lunchtime”, “storytime”, “bedtime”
  • using words in everyday play like “under”, “over”, “between”, “around”, “behind”, “up”, “down”, “heavy”, “light”, “round”, “circle”, “yesterday”, “tomorrow”. You can get library books with these words and ideas in them too
  • asking questions like “How many apples do we need for lunches? What do you think the weather is going to be like today/tomorrow? What are we going to do next?”

Here’s a tip – use lots of mathematics words as your child is playing to develop their understanding of early mathematics (eg “over”, “under”, “first, second, third”, “round”, “through”, “before”, “after”). Use the language that works best for you and your child.

For wet afternoons/school holidays/weekends

Get together with your child and:

  • play with water using different shaped containers and measuring cups in the sink or bath
  • bake – talk to your child about the recipe/ingredients using words like “how many?” “how much?” “more”. Count how many teaspoons of baking soda are needed, how many cups of flour, how many muffin cases
  • play dress-ups and getting dressed, use words like “short”, “long”, and ask questions like “what goes on first?”, “what goes on next?”, “does it fit?”
  • create a ‘sorting box’ with all sorts of ‘treasure’ – bottle tops, shells, stones, poi, toys, acorns, pounamu (greenstone), cardboard shapes, leaves. Ask questions like “how many?”, “which is the biggest group?”, “which is the smallest?”, “how many for each of us?”
  • do jigsaw puzzles, play card and board games and build with blocks.

Here’s a tip – being positive about mathematics is really important for your child’s learning – even if you didn’t enjoy it or do well at it yourself at school.


The school mobile number is 027 9630 100 – please use this to TEXT in your child’s absence detailing reason for absence and your child’s name and room number.  Please do not phone this number.  It is for texting only.  If you want to phone your child’s absence please do so on the land line Ph: 576 5296.  Many thanks for your help.


Please ensure you follow the carpark rules and cross rules.  We have had several instances of poor behaviour in the carpark recently.  Please help us keep our children safe.

Adults please use the pedestrian crossing – set a good example to our children.


Please ensure you use our ‘ONE WAY’ system in the carpark and keep our children safe.  Entry is from Pakuranga Road ONLY and exit is a left turn into Fortunes Road ONLY.  Please DO NOT exit onto Pakuranga Road.  This causes chaos in the carpark and is dangerous to those using the carpark.  Please help keep our children safe.

 No right turn out of our exit.  Please TURN LEFT only at the Pakuranga Park Village exit.  If you need to go right, please turn left and go around the round-a-bout and come back down Fortunes Road.


Please be advised that if you do unsubscribe from our newsletters, you will not receive any notifications if ever there was an emergency, ie. lockdown at the school.  If you do unsubscribe accidently please resubscribe.


The Farm Cove Music Festival is being held on the 28th and 29th of August at at Elm Park Primary School from 7:30-8:45pm.  Tickets are $8 each and are limited to 2 tickets per participating child.  There is a maximum of 300 tickets for the entire festival and the office will be taking pre orders for these tickets.  They will strictly be on a first in first served basis so please come into the office and pre purchase your tickets as soon as possible.  The tickets will be available for collection in the afternoon of the 27th August from the school office or they will be sent home with your child – whichever you prefer.  Thank you.


Term 3 – 10 weeks
Monday 23 July – Friday 28 September

Term 4 – 9 weeks
Monday 15 October – Friday December 14
Public Holiday: Labour Day – Monday 22 October



Keyboard Music Lessons – with Ruth Leafberg will start in Week 2 on Wednesday.  Enrolment forms are available from the school office – classes after school on Monday and Wednesday in the music room $8.00 per child group lesson.
Guitar lessons: Guitar lessons are available at St Marks.  The lessons are half an hour group lesson of up to 5 students that take place on Tuesday afternoons.  There are currently spaces available in a beginners group right after school.  Please contact Jordan on 021 132 7024 or jordan.morrison@musiqhub.co.nz if you are interested or would like more information about the lessons.



                             Tuesday 25th September, 2018

 Duathlon – Run, Bike & Obstacle Course Run

  • Compete individually or in 2-person team
  • Year 3 – 8 students


Enter online: www.bsgevents.co.nz